• Bookbindery Seugling: Master craftsmanship on Bickerseiland in Amsterdam

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    Hand-bookbindery Seugling ~ Amsterdam since 1923 

    Hand-bookbindery Seugling in Amsterdam is the place to go to for limited editions and hand-bound books, such as theses, dissertations, artist's books, magazines, journals, picture books, annual reports, and portfolios. We will transform your information into an attractive product that will speak for itself.


    Quirijn Jungcurt en Mieke Stouten

    Grote Bickersstraat 271
    1013 KP Amsterdam
    Phone: +3120 626 40 60
    Email: info@boekbinderijseugling.nl

    Visits shop by appointment.

    All our deliveries are subject to delivery conditions of the delivery terms and conditions for the Printing Industry, filed on January 13, 2011 under no. 8/2011 with the clerck of the District Court of Amsterdam.

    Note: This English version of our website is offered as a service, for your better understanding. In the event of a misunderstanding Dutch is the official language.